Living with depression

There are so many misconceptions about being bipolar, clinical, seasonal, situational and emotional depression. The causes of depression may all be different by the symptoms are similar. And there is no easy fix. I hear “Go to the doctor” all the time, the doctor isn’t a magic cure.  There is no magic pill that instantly makes it better. Let me repeat that. THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL THAT MAKES IT INSTANTLY MAKES IT BETTER.  Yes, the doctor can write out a script for pills but they take a while to get into your system and that’s after you decide to go to the doctor. In reality we are talking about dealing with depression for at least 6 weeks before someone starts to feel better with medical help.  What are you supposed to do in those six weeks?

As a person who is dealing with depression right now at this very moment I can tell you it’s hell. I wake up every morning exhausted and the first thing I want to do is cry. Why do I want to cry? Here’s a list:

  • I woke up
  • The sun is shining
  • I’m alone
  • There are people in the house
  • There are cats in the house
  • Pumpkin is not on my bed
  • Pumpkin is on my bed
  • The tv is on
  • The tv is not on or its on the wrong channel.
  • It’s cloudy
  • The phone is ringing
  • I slept too late
  • I woke up too early

As you can see, NONE of these reasons make sense. No sense at all. But they are reasons that make me cry every morning. So what do I do about it? First you should know that I’ve very anti drug for my bipolar. I have so many health problems that I take pills for that I don’t want to take any more pills. So over 30 years I have tried to manage this illness on my own. Is that the smartest thing? No, I’ve ended up in the hospital a couple of times.

I know the signs of depression. The first thing to go when I’m getting depressed is my creativity. I don’t want to take pictures, I don’t want to draw, to write, to build, to sew, to cook or to do anything. I don’t want to shower. I don’t want to eat. But I have certain responsibilities that I have to attend to and they become chores, some of them are no longer done out of love, it’s simply done because I have to do them. Like cooking. I have to cook for the kids. If I don’t cook for them they get frozen pizzas or tv dinners. Of course, I won’t lie, sometimes when I do cook for them they get those same things. But if I don’t cook for them they don’t get veggies. I will say that even though it’s a chore to take care of the cats, It’s still done with love. LOTS OF LOVE. Because I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they love me back. I know that they appreciate the food that I give them and the care that I take with them. So if I had to pick something that got me out of bed every day it would be taking care of the cats. I’m a crazy cat lady because they are the reason I get out of bed in the morning and the reason I haven’t killed myself.

So what’s the point of this blog post? If you know someone in your life that has depression, if they are just “social media” friends and you look up one day and you haven’t heard from them in a couple of weeks, reach out. Find out why. They are probably suffering in silence. If you look at your social media friends profile and see nothing, there’s a problem. You can’t fix it, but you can offer a shoulder, an ear, do something to cheer them up. Let them know that someone is thinking about them. Send them a card in the mail, Send them a message on facebook, send them an email, pick up the phone and listen to them. Don’t let them suffer in silence because honestly it may get to a point where all you ever get from them again is silence.

No matter what form of depression a person has there is no quick fix. But if you love them or care for them, you can help them by being a lifeline. Throw it to them, don’t expect someone else to do it, don’t wait for someone else to do it.

Who would make sure he was fed if I wasn't here.
Who would make sure he was fed if I wasn’t here.

How to turn a victim into a villian

A long time ago in a galaxy known as Yahoo there were things known as “chat rooms” and they were nice places where people of like minds to get together, talk and form lasting relationships. Sadly not all these relationships wonderful.

I bring you the tale of one such “chat room” for the purpose of this blog we will call it Religious River. And in the beginning it was great, it started out on  IRC and moved to Yahoo Chat where people who sit for hours keeping the room open so that others would find the room and gather. Before long a great group of people became regulars. Husbands and wives were there, mothers and daughters, roommates, housewives looking for others who believed the way they did, it was a great gathering. And in the beginning it was beautiful.

And then came the tricksters, the troublemakers, the hate bringers. At first they were fun, they told jokes and made people laugh. That’s what tricksters do. They made friends because not everyone wanted to have serious conversations and share ideas all the time. And there was a division in the chat room.

Then came along the males who introduced cybersex. And the women in the group started fighting over the affections of the males in the group. Sides were taken in some cases and people sat on fences and said “Oh I can’t be upset with anyone because you are all my friends.”

And then real life smacked the chat room and one of the “beloved” members who helped start the room was arrested for child molestation. And the room was divided. The child molester told the same lies that all child molesters tell and people who sat on fences believed him over the victim. The 12 year old victim and her mother were obviously lying. This man could never rape a child. Just like he could never setup cameras in the girls bathroom of his blind brothers teen club and watch the videos of young girls changing clothes. And the only child porn he EVER downloaded was for “research” and he only kept a copy of what he was turning into the police just in case the cops lost the evidence. All of that was believable over the word of the cops, the doctors, the child and the mother.

So the chat room turned on the mother and the child, the child was not a victim but one of the two villains who took the beloved member of the group away.  And then one of the group decided that it was not the child’s fault, it was the mother! The mother was evil and vile and the person contacted the child and tried to convince the child to run away from the mother and hide on a farm where there were other teenagers hiding from their horrible parents.

Now we flash forward, the mother has moved on with her life, the child has moved on with her life. Both are contributing members of their communities. But recently the mother found out that there is a group on facebook dedicated to the chat room. So the mother joined. She was amazed to find that after 20 years, because she protected her daughter and didn’t take any shit from this group of people, she’s still a villain. Someone recently wanted to join the group and because the didn’t know who it was, they automatically assumed it was the mother because the daughter was on the friends list.

The child molester….he’s on the sex offenders list, spent 6 years in jail, got out, stalked the victim and went back to jail to serve the rest of his term. And he’s not allowed on computers or the internet for the rest of his life.

But….the victim and her mother are the villains.

#SomethingTerrible is still happening

Have you been following the whole Dean Trippe Drama? I have out of some kind of morbid curiosity. It’s been radio silence from him on Kickstarter since his last update in May. However, digital rewards FINALLY went out, since he can’t take me off the backers list, I got the email saying to go get it and go get the new version of his ever delayed comic full of characters that other people created.

Kickstarter Trippe up
See the date on this email? July  21 and it says “Check back Monday at the KS page for a new update on the shipping date of the hardcopy. I wonder which Monday he was talking about because July 27th SHOULD have been the date but he said nothing. And he hasn’t said a thing on August 3, 10, 17 or 24. His fans have, they’ve said a LOT.

Kickstarter comments. 

Oddly enough, back at the end of last year when I started questioning Mr Trippe, his delays, his lack of communication and his use of funds for whatever he wanted, I was thrown to the wolves. Mr Trippe drug me in the mud and tried to bury me there.  And his “fans” joined in, I was a naysayer, I was mean, I was only in it for the rewards, I didn’t understand anything, etc. But honestly here we are almost 9 months later and there are people asking for refunds and being ignored. People are asking for updates and being ignored.

As for Mr Trippe, he’s still active on Twitter, on Facebook on Tumblr and he’ll talk to you as long as you don’t ask about his Kickstarter project. If you sing his praises, then he will talk to you.  And the latest plea for pity? He’s asking people on his facebook fan page if they know of any good cheap therapist because he’s ready to move on and through his past. Really. Because asking complete strangers on Facebook is the BEST place to find a new therapist.

trippe shrink



And if you want to know how he spends his time instead of shipping out all those books that people bought.


And if you have downloaded the “updated comic” I hope you have noticed the updated copyright…it’s now 2015.  And his picture with his bio…it’s the one he included in his LAST kickstarter update in May.  To recap, according to him in the risks, the project was already complete, it just needed minor layout tweaks. And he had already purchased shipping materials on Uline. (Of course, the majority of people backing his Kickstarter had no idea about his failure to complete commission drawings from DeanCon. So we believed him and threw money at him.)

trippe risksAnd then since we were throwing money at the screen he decided to ADD to the comic.

Have you read the “BRAND NEW EPILOGUE”? OMG talk about a seriously over inflated ego and a god complex, the new epilogue says it all. Lets recap, in the “Something Terrible” comic, Batman saves Dean Trippe after he was sexually molested. In the new epilogue, Dean Trippe goes back in time and saves Bruce Wayne’s parents. Stop and think about that. He repays Bruce Wayne by saving his parents, Bruce Wayne became Batman because his parents were killed. So if Dean Trippe saves his parents there would be no Batman to save Dean. Guess he didn’t think that one out completely. Perhaps it was the ego was in the way and he couldn’t see the big picture.

My point, don’t use Kickstarter to publish your book. Don’t make promises you can’t or won’t keep. Keep it real, keep your word. My second book was late, but I didn’t hide from anyone, I didn’t block people when they asked. And I didn’t take money for it. In fact, I donate the money I make from the books to charity.

#AT&T Drama part 1001?

I have reached out to EVERY AT&T person I can find. Last night on Facebook it was a joke. A pure joke. I will post the screen grabs but here’s the deal. Someone else posted on my thread. They were talking about about it took them several hours and several calls to be able to cancel. This I can understand because you say “cancel” and they transfer you to a department who’s job it is to save your business. Back in the day we called it “Saves” I’m sure by now they have given it some fancy name like “The department of client retention” or some such nonsense. It’s where all really angry customers go when they want to “Ditch the T”. But I digress.  So you have two angry people on one thread. One is a customer who just cancelled and one is a current customer. You can’t do anything to save the customer who cancelled. So that’s the one you help first right? The one who didn’t start the thread, the one that was wish the upset customer luck, right? I’m that makes sense right? That’s what the reps at AT&T did. They totally ignored my complained and zeroed in on the other person. They were falling all over themselves to help her.

Only when I mentioned how they mattered because they cancelled and were lost money and I didn’t matter because I was still money in the bank monthly did they even acknowledge that I was on the thread and offer to help me. And then when I did message them the issue and the ticket number I was informed that it could take 96 business hours before it could be resolved. Yes, your read that right NINETY SIX BUSINESS HOURS. That’s OVER two weeks. To fix an email issue.

And the real kicker? I FINALLY got a decent tech on the phone today. Not one of these young kids who has no clue how to dig into a problem but a REAL tech. He looked at ALL of our account, and realized that we have been paying for BROKEN service. He ran line tests, looked at historical data and scheduled a tech.  But while working with him. Do you know what we found out? That someone at AT&T suspended the missing email address and never bothered letting anyone know. And even though the email address is back on our account, I don’t have access to it on because it’s still suspended.


This is not an accident or a glitch in the system. Someone did this on purposed. And it's freaking childish.
This is not an accident or a glitch in the system. Someone did this on purposed. And it’s freaking childish.


Oh dear, I forgot the screen grabs! LOL



May 2012, Uverse came out our neighborhood. Digital everything. AT&T was the first one to offer it in our rural area. I JUMPED on the bandwagon dancing because I had lived in big cities I knew the joy of digital everything. The install of UVerse is where my joy ended.

The install itself was a total nightmare. The tech ripped me off $50 because he refused to do his job right. (Oh yes, he got fired, a police report was filed.) It took them TWO MONTHS to get it installed in our home. And then a thunderstorm hit. lightning hit the NON GROUNDED AT&T box, the electrical charge ran into the house. It fried 3 televisions, 2 computers and 2 XBox 360’s. After fighting with them on that I ended up with a check for $2000 to replace my electronics and 9 months free service.

Fast forward to sticker shock after the free service ran out. To keep everything we were used to having, with 5 boxes, we were looking at over $300 a month for TV, slower than promised internet and telephone. So I did what any sane person would do, I shopped around. I found out that Comcast was now in the area offering a much cheaper deal. I called AT&T and told them that I was not going to pay them $300+ a month and I was changing to Comcast. To which they said “Well, hold on Lori, let’s see how we can help you.” So they magically got my bill down to $200. The same amount that it would be if I went to Comcast.  (This was sometime in 2013, now we play the “I’m going to cancel” game and they magically lower the bill to $200.

Fast forward to this year. Sometime around April 10, I get a call “Hi Lori, this is xxx from AT&T and we just want to know how your service is working.?” My response was that it was working fine. I had come to accept crappy service and slow internet speeds. I did mention the slow internet speeds and she of course offered the faster speed and then realized that I couldn’t have the faster speed because I lived too far away. And then of course, I did my yearly complain about the bill. And there was nothing they could do. So I said “Well that’s okay, Comcast can give me a better deal. And I’m really tired of paying for all the new customers price breaks.” Oh that got the ball rolling and suddenly I could get a better price!

And then to pay for my asking for a better price, my service really started to stink. I mean it really started to stink. Packet loss on ALL services, phone, internet and television. The time and date was wrong on the DVR, it was refusing to record, pause, or anything else. And my service was going down DAILY. So I hit chat. Big mistake.  They didn’t understand the problems at all. And no matter how many times I had told them that I had done the level 1 troubleshooting, I had to do it again. This nightmare took over a month to fix.  Three techs came out to the house and one manager. The gateway was replaced twice. The dvr replaced once. At one point in time a tech decided that even though all tests were showing that the line was having problems BEFORE it came into our house, the problem was with my wiring and my equipment. You know, my patch panel and all my internal house wiring.  End result, the problem was in the local hub, they had to switch pairs.

And then yesterday we discovered an email address is missing from our account.  Of course, I discovered this because I did all the level 1 troubleshooting. I tried to log into the account, no go. I hit forgot password, logged into our AT&T account and the subaccount was GONE. So I hit chat. What the hell was I thinking.  Here is THAT conversation::

AT&T : Hello! How may I help you today?

AT&T : Thank you for contacting AT&T, my name is Everett. How can I help you today?

Me : Hi there, I’ve just noticed that one of my subaccounts is missing. I can’t add it back. I need it back. I don’t know how long it’s been gone. But that explains why I’ve been missing email.

AT&T : You have reached the right team. I can help you with that.

Me : Account: xxxxxxxxx xxxx is the security code

Me : The email that is missing is

AT&T : Please allow me a couple of minutes.

********THIS WAIT WAS FIVE MINUTES************

AT&T : Your account has been authenticated. Thank you.

AT&T : I would like to confirm the cell number we have on your account. Will you please provide me with a contact number so that we may reach you via phone or text with information about your AT&T services?

Me : 678-755-xxxx

AT&T : Thank you
********THIS WAIT WAS FIVE MINUTES************
Me : So are you fixing the issue?

AT&T : I am working on it.

AT&T : Thank you for your patience.

AT&T : I would like to inform you that the email ID “” is not registered with Uverse account.

Me : *sigh* scroll up please and read what I typed at the very beginning of our conversation.

Me : Me: Hi there, I’ve just noticed that one of my subaccounts is missing. I can’t add it back. I need it back. I don’t know how long it’s been gone. But that explains why I’ve been missing email.

AT&T : I would like to inform you that I am from Uverse Technical Support. I can assist you with Uverse services.

Me : When we first got Uverse it was registered to our account. And it was forwarded to my wife’s gmail account. However, I’m guessing when there was a problem a while back with outlook and AT&T that it was removed and not returned. My wife spoke with someone in the US Uverse technical support and they worked on the problem for HOURS before the issue was fixed. And she was able to use outlook to check her bellsouth email

Me : During that time the tech deleted and readded both my alternate email ( and her alternate email ( however now, for some reason. MINE is missing.

Me : We noticed this because my health care information comes to and we were waiting on paperwork today. It never showed up.

Me : SO I attempted to log into webmail and it wouldn’t let me

AT&T : I would let you connect to the dedicated team.

Me : So I logged into my AT&T account and the sub account is MISSING.

AT&T : My Manager will call you and connect you to the concern team.

Me : But thank you for taking 10 minutes to tell me what I knew.

AT&T : The concern team will assist you and resolve your issue.

AT&T : I apologize, I was searching the details.

Me : They will speak to my wife since the cell phone number you have is hers and she is the technical one

AT&T : I am so sorry for the delay.

AT&T : I was trying to assist you.

AT&T : Is 678-755-xxxx the best number to call you back?

Me : yes

AT&T : I have arranged a call back for you.

Me : as I said, you will be speaking with my wife Lori, she is the technical one

AT&T : My Manager will call you with 10-15 mins and connect you to the dedicated team

Me : thank you.

AT&T : Alright

AT&T : You are welcome

AT&T : Once again, I am sorry for the delay

AT&T : I appreciate your cooperation and patience.

And then he closed the chat on me. The phone rang once, it was AT&T, they hung up. It rang again and they hung up again. So I called them. Again, HUGE mistake.  The first 10 minutes of the call was taken up with level 1 troubleshooting. Then he got someone else involved and we did level 1 troubleshooting again. 25 minutes into the call I was told that the email account was deleted because it was a free account and it wasn’t being used. That’s when I lost it. That’s when the yelling and screaming started. That’s when I told him that it was NOT a free account, we got it when we got DSL with AT&T and it was switched over the UVerse account along with my account. And it was being used because the last email I got was 4/10/2015. I demanded to speak to a manager. He told me that he would transfer me to a manager and after leaving me on silent hold where he could hear everything I was saying and I could not hear anything  he was saying. I told my hubby EVERYTHING that was going on and let my hubby know exactly what I thought of AT&T’s crappy technical support and how they lie to their customers if they can’t figure out the problem. Finally he put me on the phone with a “manager”.

The “manager” listened to me tell him what the problem was and he explained that he didn’t have the tools to fix the problem. So he messaged someone else to help. After nearly an hour on the phone, the guy in chat couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t add it back and why he couldn’t add it back. So they opened a ticket.

But at no point should a paying customer have to SCREAM at an employee to actually get help.

AT&T has the WORST customer service EVER. They have the worst SERVICES ever, the worst internet speed, the worst television package. Bottom line if you can avoid AT&T RUN as fast as you can from them. Old customers pay for new customers price breaks and NEVER get offered anything for loyalty. We have been customers of AT&T for phone then DSL & phone and then Uverse in this location for 14 years and are rewarded with crap service and crap products at an extremely insane price.

Tote from cat food bag

Hi there. I know the title is crazy right? A tote bag from a CAT FOOD BAG? OMG nothing says CRAZY CAT LADY like wearing a cat food bag on your shoulder! But hey some of these bags are really great quality. Who wants to pay a quarter for a bag at Aldi’s when you can have your own bright and colorful tote?

Isn't this cool? I didn't come up with the idea, but I figured out how to make one.
Isn’t this cool? I didn’t come up with the idea, but I figured out how to make one.


So here’s how I did it.

  • Wash the bag out. Make sure that all the cat food and the smell is gone. You don’t want to play Pied Piper to a line of cats, or maybe you do. But it’s easier to work with if it’s clean and your cats won’t be trying to eat the bag as you make it!
  • Once it’s dry, find the seam or the tape on the bottom and cut it open. Kit and Kaboodle have a piece of tape that holds the folded bag together. I sliced the tape and didn’t cut the bag.
  • Find the side seam and cut down it.  Now the bag should be one big open square.
  • I cut the bag almost in half. I measured 12 inches down from the top for the handles. That gave me roughly 13 inches for the bottom.
  • For the handles, I cut the 12 inch piece in half lengthwise giving me two very long 6 inch wide pieces.
  • Take each one of these and fold it in thirds right side out.  So now you should have a very long 2 inch wide piece. Run a straight seam down each side.  Your handles are now done.
  • For the bag. fold down 1 inch on the top and sew it down. It’s easier to do the top hem before you do the side.
  • Right sides together, sew your side seam .
  • Then sew your bottom seam.
  • Turn the bag right side out.
  • Determine where you want your handles and if you want them shorter. I like long handles for over my shoulder, so I left them the original length.
  • For this bag, I came in 2 1/2 inches from the side seam on each side and placed an end of one handle. One handle on each side. As you can see in the picture, I made a nice little square going around all four sides.
  • To make the “box” bottom on the tote, I could explain it, but this short video does a much better job. She uses a tool but you can do the same thing with a ruler. I don’t own this tool. It’s cool, it’s handy, but like I said, you can do the same thing with a ruler.

    How to make a box bottom for your tote

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy!

Why I personally feel sorry for the Duggar children

I’ve gotten a ton of messages and emails about my take personally on the whole Duggar situation, how it’s been handled, the parents, the victims and of course the offender. It’s been a really tough story for me to handle on many different levels as you can imagine.  Let me see if I can tackle how I’m feeling in words for you.

I personally feel sorry for ALL of the Duggar girls. Not just the ones that were molested, but all of them.  And the boys too. None of them have had a say in their childhood at all. None of them have had a normal childhood. Because of their parents desire to produce a small army, they don’t know what it’s like to really have parents that know everything about them without having to consult a play book. For the littlest ones, the older ones are substitute parents.  We aren’t talking “The Waltons” here for anyone that remembers that show or that family. No, that was three generations under one roof.  Here we are talking about parents that refuse to use birth control and just kept having kids. They admit to using the “buddy system” to parent the children. If you aren’t familiar with the “buddy system” it’s where an older child is assigned an younger child to take care of, help with their school work, pick out their clothes, etc. You know, do the things a parent would do.

To top that off, because of their parents refusing to use birth control and their religious ideas, they caught the attention of Discovery Networks. That big beautiful house they live in? Mom and Dad Duggar bought the land and the frame, the Discovery Networks finished the house and sponsors provided a stocked pantry, art for the walls, furniture and everything else. All because Michelle and Jim Bob liked to have sex and pop out babies. Not a bad gig if you don’t give a rats butt about your kids. Each kid was another year on the television. The kids didn’t a choice. They didn’t get to say “Excuse me, Mom, Dad, I don’t want to be a part of the circus! I don’t want to be on TV. I want to go to a NORMAL school. I don’t want to be a part of the *buddy system*. ”

It’s easy to see the control that Jim Bob and Michelle have over their kids. Don’t get me wrong, the kids seem to love their parents too. But none of those kids express free will. Oh wait, Josh did by abusing his sisters. While his father was running around the state proclaiming that anyone who commits incest needs to be put to death.

While the question is about abortion, Jim Bob drags in incest. The same year his son was committing this crime.
While the question is about abortion, Jim Bob drags in incest. The same year his son was committing this crime.

And while we are talking about the parents insanity, who can forget about Michelle Duggar’s robocall last year about transgender rights? You know the one where she claimed that they were sexual predators? If you haven’t heard it, you can find it here.

So wait a minute. Jim Bob says that if you commit incest you should be put to death. And Michelle says that gays and transgender folks are child predators. So does that mean that Josh is gay or transgender and that he will be put to death? No, not in their world. Because they prayed and he is forgiven. I’m not sure how that works, why he’s so special.

Now, lets discuss his victims. America is a country that will not name a victim of rape or molestation if they are under 18. That means that for the average person, like me, our stories while they may hit the press they don’t have our names and pictures plastered with them unless we say it’s okay. I happen to be a grown woman with 30 years of therapy under my belt, so I’m okay with people knowing my story and having a picture to put with it. I’m okay talking about it because I’ve had that therapy. However, I remember before I had therapy how I felt. I didn’t want to talk about it, I didn’t want the public knowing, I didn’t want my friends knowing. I had tried to tell people to get help and help never came. I can’t imagine how these girls are feeling. We already know that their brother didn’t get any real help, he went away for three months, read the bible and built a barn. When he came home, there was more “tame” time. I guess that means he was kept away from the girls more? But the girls, they were told to forgive and forget. How can they forget? And why do they HAVE to forgive? So let’s recap this, they were molested by their brother, their lives have been splashed all over tv for the past 15 years (including the time when they were being molested), they haven’t received any therapy or help and now the whole world knows which girls were molested, even the one under 18. And they have no choice or say in ANY of it. The sheer fact that they haven’t all fallen apart is amazing. But then again, behind closed doors and away from the camera, maybe they are are falling apart. I don’t know.

We need to place the blame for this nightmare where it belongs, with the parents. They weren’t there for the kids, they placed the responsibility for raising the little ones on the older ones. They sheltered the kids and gave them no one to talk to really. Sure they could talk to members of the church, but how does that work when your Dad is pretty high up in the church?  How long before we find out more dirt in the Duggar closet?

On the subject of Josh….he needs to be punished. He needs to make amends. He needs therapy. He wasn’t a “kid” when he committed the crime. There are “kids” that are parents at that age. According to the bible, he was already past the age of accountability. He needs to be held accountable.

Paperback versions of My life story

I get asked a lot the best way to order hard copies of my books about my life. The best way is directly from the printer. They are a division of Amazon and if you order them directly from CreateSpace, you just cut out the middle man. And Amazon doesn’t make twice the money.

So here are the links.

Shattered: A Child’s Journey through Hell.

Scorned: A Teenager Escapes From Hell

Thanks for your interest.

@ATTCares stepped up and proved it

Just got off the phone this morning with Misty. And she really stepped up and proved that AT&T does indeed value their long time customers. She looked over our bill and understood what I was saying when I said that old customers pay for new customers discounts. It’s nice to know that there are people at AT&T that are all about customer service and not lip service! After two weeks of “I’m so sorry for the inconvenience” and not doing anything about it, Misty was a breath of fresh air!

What did she do that was so great? First she didn’t just reach out with out doing her research. She read the first blog and knew what was going on. She had background information. I didn’t have to repeat everything AGAIN. That was nice. Second I didn’t have to beg, she said I see what you have, I see what you have been through, here’s what I’m going to give you and here’s how I’m going to make it better. She took ownership of the nightmare and wiped away the bad dreams.

My bill is lower now. It’s back to what it was last year before all my promotions ran out. So I’m happy about that.  And I feel that I’ve been fairly credited for the amount of time that I’ve spent on the phone, in chat, troubleshooting with and without agents and having spotty service.

So from someone who previously excelled in customer service, I would say Misty is currently excelling in customer service. AT&T needs to take heed of how she is handling things and give her a pat on the back for a job well done.

For my part, Misty, if you are ever in my area, look me up, I’ll treat you to dinner. 🙂 Thanks for everything, you made me remember why I’m an AT&T customer.

@ATTCares really? Prove it

OMG so if you have known our house for longer than a NY minute, then you know that we have had enough AT & T Drama to last a lifetime, to last our children’s lifetime and to last our granddaughter’s lifetime. But it would appear that AT&T didn’t think so, they this month, they gave us MORE drama.

Nothing will EVER beat the Uverse install. That’s true. How many people can say that the installation of a service in their house resulted in free service for a year, an employee fired, criminal charges pressed against him, all your electronics being fried, a $2k check and mysteriously winning tickets, with backstage passes to a meet and greet to see your favorite artist who’s tour is sponsored by the company that is providing all the drama? Really, NOTHING can top that.

Since then, I’ve been happy with AT&T.  Sure after that free year, I did notice that the price was high, but I called, threatened to go with Comcast, they gave me a discount, we dance that dance every year. I usually get the bill down to $200 for phone, tv, and internet. I never get the great deals that the new customers get. I never get the new equipment that the new customers get. And our speed will NEVER go up. The only option I have is when the contract is up, not give them a chance, just call the cable company and get them out here. Does Comcast run on Cat5e now?

But wait, I haven’t even touched this year’s drama have I? Oh it’s good. On May 3rd, the phone rings, I answer and it’s someone with a real strong accent that I can barely understand wanting to know how our service is working. Well, a month earlier, we had problems with the DVR and I had to complain til they replaced it but otherwise the service was good. I did explain that I was unhappy with the price. She said there was nothing she could do about that but she would be happy to send me over to her co-worker who could help me with that. And transfer me she did, right to someone else I could barely understand. Did I want to drop any of my services? No, well then there was nothing he could do. So I say “Oh but wait, since all of my promotions are up, that means that I’m no longer under contract and can cancel my service since Comcast has been BEGGING me to come to them right?” And suddenly he decided that there WAS something he could do, he could transfer me to “Saves”. The department that will say and do anything to get you into another year contract so they don’t lose you to another company.

She started with the well, do you want to reduce your services? No, we watch all five million television channels that we have and yes, we really do need all five boxes. No, the phone service is fine, I don’t want to be charged by the minute. No, we are very tech heavy in our house and we don’t want to reduce our speed. Oh so there’s nothing you can do. Okay thanks, I’ll give Comcast a call.

BUT WAIT LORI, I can offer you $40 off a month if you are willing to keep your services the same and stay with us for a year.

Bingo, I said the magic words, I’m leaving. And she found a way to save me money. At this point in time I had been on the phone for 45 minutes. So I got my $40 off a month and went on my merry way.

The next day for the first time in a VERY LONG time, the service dropped. I reset the modem, the service came back. The next day, it happened again. This went on every day with me resetting the system until I got frustrated and contacted them on the 8th via Chat.  Oh they were so very sorry, they would send a tech out on Sat and he would fix it once and for all I would NEVER have the problem again. (Yeah, right, whatever.)

Saturday, the tech comes, he walks into the master bedroom, pushes the reset button the battery, twice. The system comes back up, he looks at the box outside. He leaves.

Saturday night, guess what. You guessed it! The system went down. And every single time it would go down, the time on the DVR would be wrong. Isn’t that odd. So I reset it. Sunday, same thing. Off to chat. Monday, same thing. Off to chat. Monday night, DVR won’t record, won’t pause, won’t rewind, won’t do anything but show tv. Back in chat. Angry. Oh we are so so so sorry, we must reset the box.

We reset the DVR it worked until the next day. Same thing, this time I called. Oh the soonest we can get a tech out there is Friday. Now I start asking about credits because clearly we are paying $9.10 daily for a service that is NOT working correctly. They offered $10 total. I laughed. I asked them if they paid full price for the wrong coffee at Starbucks. Or for watered down soda. They said they didn’t. But since I had only called in ONCE that was the most credit they could give me.  So because I used chat, I was being punished. No credit for me because I didn’t use my voice! Yes, I yelled. Yes, I got a supervisor, Yes, I got a $33 credit.

Yes, I retired from the tech industry and yes I know I’m *THAT* customer. But I also know that AT&T doesn’t care about the long term customers. If they did we would be treated just as well as the new customers. They would say “Hey, you know what, we know that you were the first customer in your neighborhood to get UVerse and you have really old crappy equipment, can we schedule a time to bring you new equipment that isn’t going to break, especially since you lease the equipment from us?” I’ve been paying a least fee on boxes for 4 years now.  I’ve paid $192 in lease fees for EACH tv box in the house, but yet I have the old boxes.  Now I’m paying the same lease fee that the new customers pay for the wireless boxes, mine still have wires. Does anyone see anything wrong with that?

And the icing on the cake? Dish Network saw me complaining about AT&T on Twitter, said “Hey, it’s not right the way the treat you! Follow us back and we will give you a $25 Amazon gift card.” So a company I’m NOT with cared enough to give me something to read while a company I am with can barely stand to credit my account for down time.